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Thursday, March 20, 2008


South Park took on the Britney Spears cluster fuck last night, and was able to coherently articulate everything ridiculous about entertainment media in way that was more effective than anything pop fiction could even dream about doing. The episode was funny, but in the South Park, they are totally on to something not laugh out loud, way. They call out MTV for basically putting someone on live TV that is no condition to perform for the world. Britney Spears has half a head, but the media is more concerned with her having a camel toe. And Miley Cyrus is titally the next Britney Spears. From a trailer park... check. Teen pop star....check. Never a chance to be a person in a normal world...check. Stupid...check. There should be a waiver you have to sign when you become a pop star that tells you that you are destined to crash from your high and live a life of trying to be as popular as you were when you were 15. It happens to all of them. The guys sometimes turn out ok, but judging from Man Band turning out ok is pretty pathetic.

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