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Friday, March 14, 2008

In Honor of St. Patrick!!!

Pittsburgh celebrates St. Patrick day by having the second largest parade and binge drinking party in the Nation. Why you ask? I'm not quite sure. I don't think there are that many Irish people in the city. Pittsburgh is mostly Eastern Europeans, and Italians. I think it is because we have this army of college students that are willing and ready to get shit faced and belligerently drunk. I was one of them at one time. I remember one St. Patricks days I got dangerously drunk by noon, lost my wallet in a bar after falling off a bar stool post Yager shot, then got lost in a two block radius for three hours. I eventually fell again, cut up my face, dislocated my knee, then was finally kicked out of a bar for telling the owner that I knew the owner when they wouldn't serve me. Needless to say, I don't remember any of this, and I am only aware of it from the faithful renditions given to me by my friends. I noticed that the city is having Pittsburgh's finest reality TV's stars around the city at different bars to draw in the crowds. Pittsburgh has a ton of reality TV stars; probably for the same reason we have a huge St. Patricks day parade (see above). We've had two Survivor winners, and pretty much at least one "character" on every major Reality TV show. Currently there are two winners from Pittsburgh on MTV's That's Awhore!!! I am not going to do an exhaustive list, but believe me I bet we have the most from any city besides that place of desperation known as L.A. Getting back to St. Pats day, there was a trailer released for the new Leprechaun movie. It looks terrible....terribly awesome!!!! I think it is like number 12 in the series. Watch the trailer below:

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