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Saturday, March 8, 2008

You mean we can't call her fat Lisa Marie?

Lisa Marie took to her blog to answer stories like this. She ripped apart the press saying they were acting like vultures when they insinuated that she was heading toward the same inevitable fate as her father. Newspapers were implying that this was the beginning of an unavoidable slow downward spiral written years before she was born. To the disappointment of all, Lisa Marie is not suffering from depression and drugs, rather she is pregnant. BOOOOOOOO!! Presley said that she was forced "by gun" to reveal her pregnancy because the press were saying such degrading things. I can't help but crack up at the press. You know they jumped the shark on this one. They knew Presley was pregnant, but the comparison to her father was too good to pass up. Deep down they were hoping so bad that Lisa Marie was turning out just like her father, that they ran with the story before any confirmation of the pregnancy could destroy the negative angle. I think this sucks!! Lisa Marie is so boring. She is a Scientologist and isn't even as interesting as her botoxed old lady mom (who, by the way, gave the performance of her life in The Naked Gun movies). She can't make a good album, and she had to marry Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage just to get some press.  This was her chance. She should have rolled with it. I was so looking forward to hearing about Lisa Marie being found naked, passed out on the toilet, with a plate of half eaten peanut butter and banana sandwiches in her lap. 

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