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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give me a god damn break!!!

Christie Lee Cook is either the most cunning person in the world or she is just a dumb piece of country western trash. I am going with choice two. Knowing that she has been in the bottom two, and that her days are numbered on American Idol, Cook decided to go the with the shameless pro-American pride route. She sang I'm Proud to Be an American. Yes, she did. This was such a smart move because Americans refuse to do anything that remotely looks like anti-american behavior. Voting against a girl who sang I'm Proud to Be an American is just not an option. She could have burped the whole song and people still would have voted for her. Simon knew that he couldn't tear her to shreds because this would have been seen as a criticism of America. You cannot say anything bad about America, period. If you cricize the war, you hate the troops. So if you criticize someone singing about their pride in the USA, you definitely hate our country. Now we are going to have to see this hick for another week. In other Idol news, everyone else was boring. We need a Sanjaya stat!!! Vote for the worst has a video of Cook previously singing the same song. They are telling people to vote for her. This is the one time I disagree with them. Ramiel and Jason Castro are far worse. They always get drowned out by the fat black back up singers. 

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