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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Now I've waited for a couple of days to report anything on SXSW. Of course I didn't go. I do have a day job as a Laws Student and Law Clerk. I did scower the Internet for the best coverage of the event, and I have decided to let you readers (if there are any of you out there) know what music journalists are saying the best acts of the week were. These are the bands that either performed incredibly, or made some kind of appearence that increased their relevance. Here is a list of bands that should be illegally downloading or bands that you should act like you know who they are, based on SXSW buzz. (Just so you know Chester French is collectively hated by all internet journalists. So if you thought the whole nerdy Ivy League indie rockers singing about Jimmy Choos was catching on due to Vampire Weekend...your wrong)

1) Fuck Buttons
2) Jay Retard
3) The Tough Alliance
4) Santogold
5) High Places
6) Cut Copy
7) David Banner
8) Destroyers
9) El Guincho
10) Grouper
12) Islands
13) These New Puritans
14) Man Man
15) Lykke Li

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