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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Gaydol

This was without a doubt one of the gayest nights on American Idol. Not that the show doesn't have a intrinsic fabulousness to begin with. But with the revelation that David Hernandez was a male stripper at a Gay bar, and that fact that he performed directly after Daniel Noriega, the show may have well had a rainbow flag hanging behind the judges. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It actually makes for good TV. Seeing the judges trying to come up with criticism and and advice for Noriega without saying his performance was just too gay is as artfully done as Hillary Clinton answering a NAFTA question. It is almost TMTH (for those of you not paying attention that is Noriega speak for too much to handle...I know totally gay). I am waiting for Simon to break it down eventually. You can tell he is biting his lip. I also think that Norigayga is firmly establishing himself as this years Sanjaya...

(P.S.- I love that the tranny in the middle of the picture is in a wheelchair).

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