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Friday, March 7, 2008

Can Justice be too hip?

French House is ridiculously hot right now. Ed Banger records is basically making all the other house labels out there obsolete. I did think the Justice album was a little overrated and not as good as the Boys Noize album, but in terms of other dance music out today, the Justice album kicks ass. Plus the Justice v. Simian track "We Are Your Friends" is obnoxiously catchy. The French can be irritating at times (always), but if they continue putting out house tracks like they have in the past few years, I may forgive them for Jerry Lewis's success and introducing champagne to Hip Hop. Justice is currently on tour with some kind of Myspace traveling musical circus. Of Course, it won't be in Pittsburgh. See that would make Pittsburgh a real city, which it's not. Here is the incredible new video for DVNO:

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