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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is for the Pittsburghers out there...

Jeanette beat North Catholic in the PIAA basketball quarterfinals last week and a brawl broke out after the game.(The video above is obviously not the game, but you get the idea) This wouldn't be news aside from the fact that Jeanette has a player on the team named Terrell Pryor. Terrell just happens to be thee best high school football prospect in the country for College football. He is looking at Ohio State, Michigan, and I think West Virginia. He could play college basketball and football for any school he chooses, and he is the best athlete to come out of Western PA since "LA" Lavar Airrington. Well the WPIAL panel had their meeting about the brawl and basically did nothing because Pryor plays for Jeanette. I like the findings of the panel. You know the board couldn't suspend Pryor or any players, so they came up with these ridiculous penalties. My favorite is that both teams must give the WPIAL a written plan on how they will handle the ending of an athletic event. What?! Umm the teams go to the locker room and the people go home. What else is there to do. The teams here got in a fight on the way to the locker room. I don't know how a plan could have prevented this. The other penalties included censuring the administration of both schools, and issuing a "writ of mandamus" (not really) that coaches and players attend anger management. I love what they come up with when suspending players isn't an option. Adults in d-rate administration positions are the best!!

Video of Pryor dunking:

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