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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hugh Jackman makes rare appearance in Sierra Nevada Mountains

The ultra, aloof, carnivorous, thug known as the "Wolverine" was spotted near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. What makes this remotely newsworthy is that the animal has thought to have been extinct from California for many years. The picture was snapped by a scientist trying to take pictures of Martens (slender brown weasels). If it is a Californian Wolverine, it would be genetically different from other wolverines because of its seclusion in California for 2-12,000 years. Tests are going to be done to prove or disprove its classification. The bad news for this badger is that it has a bureaucratic red tape nightmare ahead of it to make it on to the uber exclusive endangered species list. When asked to comment, the Wolverine said "I don't do lists..." He also followed with another comment when asked how he finds time to stay in shape, "I'm getting ready for my role in the new X-men movie...fuck off Hugh, it's my time now! He doesn't capture the angst and intensity of a true wolverine...humans!" I know terrible... I should just give up this blog thing.

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