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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Floyd Wins!!!

For those of you who care Floyd Mayweather has beaten Big show at WRSETLEMANIA 24 via brass knuckles. I should have known brass knuckles. It always does the trick. Chairs, tables, and any other weapons can not stand up to the pure bodily damage that brass knuckles can inflict. Apparently Mayweather was thrown around a couple of times, drank from his "Pimp Cup" then took the brass knuckles from his trainer and knocked Big Show down for the ten count. quick and easy pay day. I am sure its wasn't worth the 59.99 that they were charging. 24 Wrestling has the play by play,  if you are interested.  Undertaker beat Edge to win the World championship. A church bell rang, the lights went off, and White Trash around the world rejoiced. I am only covering this because I consider this some what of a Pittsburgh blog, and we all know about Pro wrestling in Pittsburgh. I can't help but enjoy wrestling. It is really a ridiculous version of Reality TV. Plus the fans are just priceless. If you want to know why Obama won't be the next president just immerse yourself in Pro Wrestling culture. 

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