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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Incredibly vague blind items for you...

Here's are some blind items from Page Six and elsewhere:

1) A producer of a very successful reality TV show called for a Hooker. Well wouldn't you know one of the contestants of the show knocked at his door. He came to an agreement that she (or he) had to abruptly leave the show in an exchange for a large chunk of money.
My guess: Kristi Jo Rock of Love, or that first girl from Top Model

2) What lesser know actor from an acting family has been hitting the rock and was seen a sweaty mess at a recent Hollywood party?
My guess: one of those Baldwins, an Arquette

3) What washed up former pop star has been giving her CV out to Hollywood directors in a desperate attempt to get some work. She even begged to get work from new James Bond movie.
My guess: Debbie- Electric Youth- Gibbson

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