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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh Ashton....you're so clever!!!

Apparently, Ashton Kutcher is filming a new reality tv series similar to Punked!, but the tables are turned. Instead of Punking celebrities-the media, paparrazzi, and viewers are Punked. If you are confused, you're not alone. You remember the story with Skank Whore hanging out with a Shaman? Well, that was one of the bits on this new work of genius. Not funny right? The fact that Ashton and Demi dress all in white to attend Kaballah services makes this "wink wink" show even more ironic. I don't think that celebrities understand reality at all. They don't self reflect and understand their lives are stupid. So fooling the public into believing that celebrities are doing stupid things doesn't work because celebrities are always doing stupid things.

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