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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Madonna needs to go away...

There is nothing interesting about the current Madonna. She has become completely irrelevant. Her arrogance, conceit, and (now real) British accent just need to go somewhere, be a mother, and become a relic of pop culture that others use as inspiration. She has done everything that she is going to do, and be remembered for. She has broken the boundaries she is going to break, and made the music we will remember. Most of the music that is on her album now days is written by someone else, and could be just as successful if sung by some other artist. She is beginning to look desperate. For what? relevance. She is so rude and self righteous when she does interviews, and she doesn't even appreciate her fans. Why should anyone pay attention to this old lady? Now lets get to the most important thing. Her looks. She looks crazy as hell. Her face is all botoxed, and her body is banging, but kind of weird. Her hair looks stupid and she dresses dumb. Go away. Take your ridiculous statements with you, and stop trying to cling to young artist to make us forget that you are a fifty year old mother. Come on, Do a Cher or Bette Middler stint in Vegas, or just phone in a world tour like the Rolling Stones. Leave hip to those who look cool doing it. She jumps on trends just trying to stay cool (e.g. the eastern European Gypsy music thing- Gogol Bordello). I feel so much better.  Well, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently (by Justin Timberlake). Iggy Pop did the musical tribute singing Ray of Light and whj... Don't get me started on Iggy Pop either. Jesus Christ put on a shirt. Listen to her talk about using drugs to seem cool below.

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