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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Idol update

American Idol turned into a episode of don't forget the lyrics. David Archuletta forget most of the lyrics to We Can Work it Out tumbling from the top stop as favorite for person we will forget ever existed in six months. The rest of the "stars" of the show took turns at butchering the Lenon_McCartney song book. Kristy Lee Cook absolutely massacred 8 Days Week making me feel like I was a Latin-American Dictator trying to out last the CIA in a abandonded wherehouse. The Irish girl did OK, but whatever. Right? I just like seeing Paula last through the last fifteen minutes of the show. From 8:45- 9 her Zanax-Daniels cocktail is wearing of hardcore and she is just basically phoning it in, using all her focus to keep her head from falling into her Coke cup. This is when the real entertainment starts. Pay attention because thats when "Hey Paula" rears her ugly head.

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