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Friday, March 28, 2008

I have one simple question...WHY????

Flody Mayweather Jr. is fighting the Big Show at Wrestlemania 24. Yes...Floyd Mayweather Jr. is fighting the Big Show at Wrestlmania 24. Why? There is no way that Mayweather is getting paid as much as he is worth so there is no reason for this. (WWE claims Floyd Mayweather is getting paid 20 million which is a lie). Mayweather is pound for pound the best boxer in the world, but he has no experience with studio wretsling, and is probably a quarter of the size of the Big Show. I understand Mayweather doesn't really have a suitable boxing opponent, but that doesn't mean he has to trivialize his talent by competing in a fight that is obviously not real (The big show is billed as 7 foot 4 and 500 pounds, which we know is a lie and Mayweather is 5 foot 7 150 pounds). I think Mayweather is doing it because he is a showman. He likes the entertainment of professional wrestling. Regardless, one mistake in choreographed moves could prevent Mayweather from entering the ring in September for another big pay day against Del La Hoya. This article talked about ways that the match should end. I still think Mayweather should try to body slam the Big Show. That would be the best. You know it will end with some sort of interference or a ref bump. All the big matches do. What would be cool is if Del La Hoya ran out and did something. Then Boxing would make its final transformation into sports entertainment like it has been doing for some time now. . Here is a video pumping up the fight

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