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Monday, September 22, 2008

11 Year Old Leads Police on 10 Mile Chase!!! Wheres Latarian?

!!!!!!!!UPDATE:!!!!!!!! I must be psychic or something. Are favorite seven year old thug Latarian was also in the news today for stealing his grandmothers car.....AGAIN!!! He must have heard about the 11 year old from Pittsburgh and didn't want to be upstaged. How thug life. Anyfuckedupchild, how the hell do you let your grandchild, not once, but twice steal your car and go on a joyride????? I would have by fucking retina installed as a pass key to open the car. Those keys would be in a safety deposit box!!! Latarian's grandmother had just got her car back from the last fiasco when he stole it again and totaled it!!! This kid doesn't have a chance. Either do we....Here is video of Latarian's latest grand theft auto arrest.

On Sunday night an 11 year old foster child stole his foster mothers Toyota station wagon and led PA state troopers on a 85 mph chase on interstate 70. Troopers used a "pit" maneuver to get the 11 year old to loose control of the car. I wonder if the 11 year was watching Josh Groban on the Emmy's when he went crazy... actually he probably just finished watching the Steelers lose. The boy had just moved in with his foster parents in North Strabane township near Cokeburg on Wednesday( around Washington PA). The mother left her keys in the car and the boy helped himself. The youth is charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest, fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer and 27 traffic violations.

I couldn't help report this without thinking of America's favorite 7 year old criminal.

The Latarian Milton phenomenon is sweeping across the nation. Just earlier a 16 year and 13 year old were arrested for car jacking near Century 3 Mall in Pittsburgh. Kids everywhere "want to do bad things," and "do hood rat stuff" with their friends. Latarian Milton needs to go on a cross country tour spreading his message to kids everywhere, and bringing his act to the masses. And just because,....here's another video of Latarian being the greatest kid in the world.

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