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Monday, September 1, 2008

Is McCain Even Trying to Win???

If the fact that McCain picked a first term governor of Alaska (one of the least populated states in the Union) doesn't make you question his judgement to lead our country, let me offer you this. Saturday, a story broke that implied Palin never gave birth to her 4 month old down syndrome child, but rather faked the pregnancy to cover for her pregnant 17 year old daughter Bristol.  Palin pulled the daughter out of school for 5-8 months, and some other shit like that. Well, the Palin and McCain campaign has decided to let everyone know that there is no way that the rumor could be true because little Bristol- Jamie-Lynn-Spears is pregnant now!!!! Five months pregnant, which would over lap with her 4 month old  brother. That means that Palin's 4 month old child will be an uncle to Palin's 17 year old daughter's child. You got all this?(Read this article for a great Spear/ Palin comparison. The best part is that McCain knew about all of this during the "vetting" process and still picked Palin to be his running mate. Does he understand anything about the country he lives in? We have fucking Lynn Spears as a VP candidate of the most powerful country in the world when the presidential candidate has had cancer twice and is 73. WTF?? People have already began talking about her ethics investigation, and her lack of experience. Now two bizarre ass scandals have broke not even a week since she was announced. HAHAHAH. McCain/ Palin is such a disaster it cracks me up. It is like someone copied Palin's family for the new season of Desperate Housewife's. Knowing this fucked up country, middle America will relate to her. You know they are all like "its OK for people like Palin to have a fucked up personal life, but those inner city poor people, they need a healthy dose of family values." But what the fuck do I know. I posted this story right after a video of someone watching a man cut off his penis and smash his testicles with a hatchet.

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