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Thursday, September 11, 2008

MTV Aims to Deflower Mormon Virgin on New Real World: Brooklyn...I See They are Going in a New Direction.

MTV Real World has been ruining hipster parties  and destroying the "hippest place on earth vibe" since it started filming in Billyburg (actually Red Hook), Brooklyn. Not that I know this for sure, but I am going off of Gawker's spies around Brooklyn. It looks like one of the cast members is a Mormon virgin (His name is Chet...yes Chet. That is him above) who has been thrown to the Hispster Wolfs. The show's producers are trying to deflower him and have him cheat on his fiance. How Real World of them. MTV has even managed to give him a scarf and blacked rimmed glasses so that he more closely resembles his surrounding habitat. MTV has tried this before with the virgin blood (Matt RW New Orleans), but I think that if anyone can convince a Mormon to have sex, it is a bunch of PoMo Hipsters from Sarah Lawrence and Oberlin. They will just keep saying how stupid everything is until they break him down. The show, virginity, religion, where they are hanging out, their loft, etc...I'll keep a close watch on this and post anything new. I would love to see before and after interviews with these cast members. Nothing can give a person a false sense of "know it all" like living in Williamsburg for six months.


8 said...

is that the full figured girl who won top model?

jwormyk said...

yes - nice call 8!!!! BTW -

Joachim Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!