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Friday, September 5, 2008

Joachim Ortiz is The True Star of Glam God!!!!

Move over Vivica A. ...whatever your name is, there is a "actual" star on your show stealing the spotlight. Her name is J-O-A-C-H-I-M. Joachim was such a hot drunken mess on this weeks episode of "Glam God" on VH1, that he just took it over, embarrassed everyone, caused a scene, was generally disruptive to the entire process, and finally shit his pants. Someone give this guy his own show. The only thing I could find on him is that he does hair and makeup for some low rent Hollywood TV Internet show. I tried to get a picture of Joachim off of the Glam God website, but the only pictures there were ones of Vivica Fox... figures. The first couple episodes of this show were basically a waste of time with Indahsio trying to cause trouble, but this week Joachim basically said enough of this amateur shit, THIS is being difficult. I would try to catch this episode, its worth it.

The show is some garbage about dressing people up for the red carpet or something. It doesn't matter what nonsense they are doing, what matters is that there is someone actively sabotaging the other people's time on the show, and they made it through to next weeks episode where they dress up in drag and cause a mess all over Hollywood.

BTW, what the hell is up with Viva Fox? Her hair, make up, outfit, and face were almost a bigger mess than Joachim. Almost... Does anyone else notice how she talks weird? I think it is because her whole face is fake. She sounds like her nose is jacked and she has false teeth. Damn! What happened to her? She was Will Smith's bitch in Independence Day. Now she looks like someone's botoxed grandma or something. I love how she's on a show about stylists and glamour. I've seen better dressed people at Amusement Parks. Kennywood anyone? Here is a video of Joachim being entirely too sober:

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Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY agree about Vivica "W"ho? Joaqim has completely stolen the show from her.