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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skank School Returns With Sharon Osbourne...

Charm school is coming back, this time with the Rock of Love Girls and Sharon Osbourne. Lets see if Osbourne can be a better influence than lard ass chokes on fat Monique. VH1 has who will be on it. I am glad to see this back, because that G to Gents garbage on MTV just doesn't cut it. See, we want to watch skanky sluts be skanky sluts. You don't want to watch douche bag wannabes be douche bag wannabes. Right? Plus, Fonsworth Bentley? really?? That's not how reality TV works. Bachelor not Bachelorette. Flavor of Love not I Love New York. I am such a loser.

Did anyone notice they brought back Courtney for a second chance? She was the dumb bitch who got drunk and passed out during the first elimination ceremony on Rock of Love 2. I need help... What is She-Hulk Rodeo doing on there? Wasn't her gimmick some kind of well behaved shit? Whatever, this is just a natural step in these women's careers before they pose nude for the internet.  Hell, Megan is ahead of the curve. 

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