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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Think I am Addicted to Palin!!!!

I just have to comment on the level to which the Republicans are blowing their loads over Sarah Palin. Ok, she reformed Alaska in their eyes (which can be argued when you see how much money she took from the federal government, hired a lobbyist to work in Washington, and took the 400 million for the bridge to nowhere when the project was canceled), but I still can't move past the fact that someone from the 4th least populated state is being presented as someone who can run this country (let it be known that I think an Alaskan can be qualified to be President, it would just take more than 2 years as governor to get there). She has a journalism degree, no passport, and has 4 kids under 21. I would be much more supportive of the Republican point of view if we were ten years in the future. Nancy Pelozi has five kids, but they are all grown. Palin is still breast feeding her youngest child!! 

Further, wouldn't you want the most qualified person for a job? I mean if you were getting heart surgery, hiring a financial adviser, or even getting work done on your car wouldn't you want someone who was in the business for more than 2 years. Would you go to Alaska to get cancer treatment? Would you want a city planner for Pittsburgh from a city with 7,000 residents? Most big law firms, corporations, and fortune 500 companies strictly hire out of Ivy League schools where the graduates have done internships and rotations in large, fast paced, high stressed cities. Why is the office of president any different? Why does middle America make a decision based on who they relate to or whether that person "is like them?" You wouldn't make a decision based on that for a lawyer or doctor.  So why for the second most powerful job in the world? That is why Republicans make me nervous. They think that the federal government is simple to run. If it is not, that is because the government is wasting money on poor people that "just need to get a job and stop taking handouts." We need someone in office that understands things aren't that simple. Inner city working class people need someone that understands their struggles, and no one will be able to convince me that Palin is, or is capable, of being that person. Hell she thinks "aerial wolf hunting" is an important political cause that needs to be protected.

Now I know Barack Obama has the same experience problem, that is why I have my concerns about him as well. I do think that Obama being involved in Chicago politics for years and four years in the Senate may make him more qualified than a two year Alaskan governor, but it is arguable. Obama has at least been exposed to all different kinds of people and their struggles. Not just "small town Alaskan families." I ask Pittsburgh Republicans this question: If Dan Onorato was elected governor of Pennsylvania tomorrow and spent 1 year as governor would he be qualified to be Vice President? Not sure.  At least he is County Executive of a county that is way more intricate than anywhere in Alaska. Surely, more than the Meth capitol of Alaska :Wasilla. BTW, she was just photographed for the 2007 issue of Vogue here are those picks. That is what the above picture is about (the picture is an artistic rendition of what it may look like). The pictures from 2007 are below.

Also, for a good Alaskan political blog that really gives you an idea about how some view Palin in Alaska check out Kodiam Konfidential- News Opinion Wild Speculation.


Art said...

You make some damn great points here about how a large law firm or Fortune 500 company wouldn't let someone like Palin do anything but answer their phones, yet we're going to let a bunch of hill country people give this woman the 2nd most powerful job in the world because she likes to shoot moose and has nice legs.

Excellent point: Barack Obama has exposure to a plethora of people from around the world. Palin's appeal to the hee-haws is that she doesn't know much outside of her tiny-ass town, just like them. They probably shoot outsiders in Wasilla. The Republicans and the Ellie Mays and Jethros who vote for them have both had little experience with people who aren't just like them, and that's what bonds them.

Excellent post. I'll be ridiculing the RNC convention in the coming week on my blog. Stop by.

Ediethelilwieny said...

Calling an educated woman who served her community as first a PTA mom and then mayor is ignorant. She beat out the man running for governor and unseated a crooked Senator.

She kept the money he appropriated for the bridge to nowhere but instead build roads to everywhere in Alaska knowing the infrastructure was imporant if the small villages were to grow. Some were small tribal run and didn't have sewage or running water. Putting in roads was an intelligent and compassionate move.

jwormyk said...


So, winning a race for governor now makes you qualified for Vice President? There are many people who beat crooked politicians in races. They aren't picked as VP's. And I agree calling a women who was first PTA mom then mayor qualified is ignorant.

People who support Palin will say anything to support her. I am sure she did do great things, but one year of great things does not make Vice President material. The choice was political. I would have more respect for people that would just admit that.

Sarah Palin said...

she is amazing! Are you wearing your Sarah Palin T Shirt ? I AM!!

photoguy said...

and Barack Obama's experience is what? He has run what again? He is more qualified because of ....

jwormyk said...

I think the post accurately discusses the fact that Obama also has a problem with experience. If I can admit that, why can't Republicans admit Palin also has a problem with experience.

jwormyk said...

Are you talking about this T-Shirt?

Anonymous said...

Well, I would rather see a vice president with some experience then a president with none. Also, Obama says what he thinks the people want to hear. All of the sudden hes for Bushes tax cuts. Wow thats suprising. For the longest time he was against Bushes tax cuts. It would be a huge mistake to put Obama in a presidental position. AND ART YOUR A RETARD.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is suprising. You must be the only person who thinks it. Why don't you tell whoever you are getting your information from that they are stupid.

Since when is Obama in favor of Bush's tax cuts?? Can anyone give me a reference for this? His tax plan has remained consistant throughout his campaign. He will return taxes for the very wealthy to the level they were at during the Clinton Administration. Everyone else gets a tax cut.

Look, I am not completely certain who I am voting for, but I refuse to listen to outright lies or let misinformation influence me. I like McCain, but come on Sarah Palin??? Really?

Politicians tell people what they want to hear to get elected. Welcome to our world anonymous. That's why people vote for them. Now I understand how Palin has support. From idiots like this guy.

open-minded said...

Did you ever think about what it would be like if something happened to Mr. O and Biden took over and had a blub with a high security situation.

You have to ask yourself would you rather have Biden or Palin take over if something were to happen to the president.

Be honest.