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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look McCain With Raffaello Follieri....

I am not posting this to say that John McCain has any relationship with shady celebrity con-man Raffaello Follieri or if he even knew that Follieri was crazy, but rather to point out more hypocrisy with Republicans. After watching Bill O'reilly accuse Barack Obama of having shady relationships, and hearing Shawn Hannity relentlessly bring up every person Obama has shook hands with, I want people to realize that politicians are often with a laundry list of questionable people and you cannot draw conclusions based on it. Just because you are in the same room as a person or worked with them on legislation, it does not mean that you agree with their politics or are involved with that persons personal life.

People have friends and acquaintances that believe very different things, and we can't be so irresponsible as to draw parallels between people just because they were photographed together. Don't get me wrong, we have to be vigilant about illegal things they do, but not every conclusion can be drawn. Just because Obama has been around sleazeballs like Tony Rescoe and Bill Ayers, does not mean he creates his whole professional philosophy around theirs. 

John McCain celebrated his 70th birthday with, and on a yacht chartered by, Follieri. He was also with CELEBRITIES!!! Gasp!! How dare he. How was he able to remain a conservative keeping such company? McCain's top adviser  Rick Davis seemed to have some sort of working relationship with Follieri, who promised to get the Catholic vote for McCain (Follieri convinced a bunch of rich stupid people he was a top Vatican rep. HAHAH. If you can make people believe you have money, you can make them do anything). 

I believe that McCain is completely innocent here, and he will be given the benefit of the doubt the same way he was in the Keating 5, but it shows hypocrisy on the Right Wing. Obama hangs out with sleazeballs, but McCains doesn't. Right? People need to realize that your friends and people at the same social events as you cannot be used to make a generalization of how you live your life or what you believe. 

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