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Sunday, September 7, 2008


9:00 PM- The MTV VMA started and I am going to attempt to live blog. The show started with Britney Spears and Jonah Hill doing a comedy skit about kissing or something. Then Britney came out and said the show was staring with the mic covering her whole face. Boring I know. Next Rihanna came out did Disturbia in some whacked out outfit. Her legs looked weird. Russel Brandt did a monologue basically saying Republicans and virgins are stupid. They just cut to Zach Effron after saying Jamie Fox said "Hey ladies," HAAHA! Britney Spears won best female video for a song and video that I've never heard or seen. So far this sucks! Its like a school project you waited to long to start, and crammed together the night before. They are in the same set that FNMTV is filmed in. Its like a studio wrestling set from the 1980's. Its about as exciting as the 1983 VMA's. HA and Demi Moore is on stage.

9:27 PM- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Chris Brown won best male video. Oh god the Jonas Brothers are performing on a set that looks like Sesame Street. This is terrible. The Republican National Convention was more entertaining than this. Katie Perry is singing like a virgin. Is that suppose to be Ironic or tongue in cheek??

9:40- Looks like Michael Phelps is going to embarrass himself in with little Wayne. This shouldn't help his douche investigation. Nope - no embarrassment or douche just boring

9:42- Lil Wayne - T Pain - Leona Lewsi- Lil Wayne tearing this busted show apart!!! Only reason to watch show so far. Russel Brandt going down in flames fast....

9:46 - Lindsey Lohan and Ciara- Fanny Pack won some dance thing- Man the Kids Choice Awards is better than this crap

9:48- Pussy Cat Dolls win best dancing in video- I am going to slow down on the blogging because there is nothing to say about this garbage... 

The whole show feels really safe and under produced than other years. Its definitely on a smaller scale and not ambitious at all. Very conservative, basically colorful version of Day Time Emmy's. 

9:58- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:05- Slash and Shia Labouf. weird. He's as tall as Slash its uncanny. Worst Rock video is... Linkin Park. 

10:13- Miley Cyrus shitting all over Bon Jovi Like a Prayer. I feel like an senior citizen, I just don't understand these young people. Sharon Stone is performing some Pink song on the Jonas Brothers Seame Street set. Shes doing a good job too. Oh MY GOD put your pants back on Sharon. Lindsey Lohan's in the building.

10:16- Wasn't Christina Aguilera suppose to scream during this shit? Where's Kanye? Shouldn't he being complaining about how great he is?

10:19- High School Musical cast - I am really do feel like a senior citizen. Either that or this shit is the Kids Choice rip off. 

10:20- Pete Wentz looks stupid. He is reminding me of Tom Cruise for some reason. He is looking desperate for best new artist votes. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are annoying and stupid. More Republican jokes from Brandt. I guess he has a plan and sticking to it.

10:23- McLovin doing a bit with SLIPNOT. Not funny. Best Hip Hop Video= Lil Wayne. He just smoked so much Angel Dust.

10:26- OH MY!!! Jordin Sparks just went after Russell's attack on virgins. She said not everyone wants to be a slut and promise rings aren't bad. I can't wait for Russell Brandts come back. Promise Rings are STUPID (PERIOD). TI doing a live music video or something looks like a home movie. 

10:28- Rhianna is doing O-Zone HAHAHA! Romanian Boy Bands Rule!!!

10:32- How many promise rings are going to be thrown in the trash at the after parties?? Defintely these high school musicals whores...

10:34- XTina doing slutty tranny racoon cat burgular version of Genie in a Bottle ... Her boobs are huge. Her lip singing is completely off. She looks like Aubrey O'day and Brittany from I Love Money rolling around in trash. 

10:42- Russell Brandt awkward response to Jordan Sparks. Kind of a Ellen Degenerous esque bubbling nervous jokey thing. Not Funny...

10:43- Chance Crawford and Lauren Conrad are being boring together. Best New Artist... AWWWWW the GERMANS!!!! Tokio Hotel. WTF?? It looks like Adrian Currey put her finger in a light socket. As Michael K says, "Sonic the Hedgehog just won." AM is playing M.I.A. Buckey Done Gone - that could be the best part of the night.

10: 50- LL Cool J wants to pick out lingerie with Russell. WTF. This is stupid. Holy Skank!!! Paris Hilton. She's fucking her lines up. Britney won another award. Best pop/poop video. Is this show even trying to be legitimate??? Britney is so programmed to behave. She looks like she was shot up with Prozac. She justs thanks god, then smiles. Maybe she should run for VP. It looks like that is all you need to do it. 

10:57- Click here if you want to see Harry Potter naked from Equus for real. It was just on a thread on D-listed. Don't ask me why I am posting this ( I am hoping it will help to get some hits). There is some tit and ass too if you feel weird about looking at a celebrity peen. 

11:00 - Kid Rock performing some southern rock shit.. His same old shit. When's Kanye??? Here comes Little Wayne to bring this into this century.

11:11- Kobe - Video of the Year- If Britney Spears wins I will fucking die from laughing. They are just basically saying she is pop culture "thing" of year and giving her this award instead. She has never won a moon man until the year her life explodes on TV. She doesn't win any awards in other years then wins ........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA she won!!!!! I guess being hospitalized twice, putting out a flop of an album, and shaving your head with your life falling apart finally wins you 3 MTV video music awards. This show is soooo bunk!!!! It just basically said this shit is all staged and fake and has nithing to do with music. 

11:14- Kanye West doing some new song that I am sure he thinks is the best song ever. He isn't rapping. Is this singing? This is so fucking weird. This whole thing was the weirdest fucking MTV awards I have ever seen. Everything is flipped. It is like the opposite awards show. It closes just like it opened. BORING. This was nothing more than a FNMTV that was three hours long.  ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!! WORST MTV MVA's EVER. 

I could have put on a better MTV awards show in my basement!!!! TRL is more exciting than this shit!!! This sucked I can't believe I wasted my time blogging and watching this. This could be the end to this forever. MTV is trying to go with a new direction that took everything entertaining about the show out and replaced it with a bland safe cookie cutter version of the show. I guess MTV just decided to bring back Britney and give her awards for fucking up and then fixing her life. 

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