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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joachim Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG MISTAKE. Drunk ass Joachim was kicked off the show for being a hot mess. Fuck Glam God. That show is dead to me!!!! How dare Haundry tell Joachim he needs to "shange"!!!! Joachim is a true star and he DELIVERS!! The only problem was Haundry. He was not capable of working in the presence of such talent like Joachim. Glam God is absolutely nothing without its star Joachim. That pussy Haundry should be thanking his lucky stars that he had the honor and privilege to work with such a legend. Joachim was more entertaining than anything that this ghetto ass TV show could come up with. The problem is that these low rent trashcans should be styling Joachim. He doesn't need to keep reaching for the stars, because he is one!!

Basically this week was more of Joachim's awesomeness with the introduction of a equally entertaining character, Jackie Blue (Joachim dressed as women). They both got really drunk, made bad decisions, caused chaos, undermined the entire challenge, and made great TV. Jackie Blue fell down numerous times (the floor was wet...come on! ...so were the stairs....and the sidewalk), and during the challenge to dress an "it girl" ( I know ridiculous), he pushed the model out of the way and got in front of the camera for the picture. Sigh.....could you ask for anything more?

This show is such a low rent ghetto ass mess. I mean it is like the Showgirls of Reality TV. It is such garbage that is is actually good. Does it even get 500,000 viewers? The whole racket is just a fucking joke. Vivica A. Fox??? Putting clothes on people??? "Reaching for the stars and styling them"??? I mean come on, they had fucking Adnan Ghalib as a judge on this week. If you don't know who that is, he is the guy who finally drove Britney to her rock bottom. He's a fucking pap!!! How dare they say that Joachim was unprofessional and disrespectful to other people on the show. He treated that show just like the piece of shit it is. It's a lifestyle Dammit!!!!!! Why doesn't that jacked- up -old- lady Vivica whatever understand that?

Joachim you will go down in history with some of the best TV I have ever watched. Your name will be spoken in the same sentence as Belu ( crazy dutch girl from Road Rules Europe), Richard Hatch (Survivor 1), Irene (Real World Seattle), and Toni of Paradise Hotel. Hell, Joachim's name should be in the dictionary as entertainment unimaginable to the human mind. Tonight will forever be remembered as the night we lost one of the greatest TV characters ever to grace a low rent basic cable television show....Lulz.

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