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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bill Orielly Likes to Discuss in a Calm Controlled Manner...

Barney Frank was on Bill O talking (more like screaming) about the mortgage crisis and the "Macs". Barney Frank tends to be a grumpy -old- angry- man....just like Bill O, but today Orielly completely curmudgeoned him out. We all know what happens when grumpy old men are up past their bed time. Its the same thing that happens when they are in traffic or have bad service at a restaurant. Barney Frank tried to talk, but Bill just basically used him as a punching bag and blamed him for the financial crisis. If this is the way people think we are going to solve problems in this country we, we are fuckety fucked. Barney Frank is a very intelligent guy that was shamelessly disrespected. If you listen to him he, which Bill doesn't, you see that he was making a lot of sense. Instead Orielly does what he does best. Tabloid, glossy, faux-journalistic filth. And yes I  will be watching tomorrow. It is far from journalism and intelligent political discussion, but like A Current Affair, it is entertaining. Watch this and enjoy. It will be EVERYWHERE!!

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