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Monday, October 6, 2008

First Sarah Palin is Nominated for Vice President, Now Beverly Hills Chihuahua is Number One at the Box Office...What Has This World Come to?

UPDATE: It pains me to even write this but somehow, someway, this shit storm has remained the #1 movie in America for two straight weeks. I have a feeling that American Carrol and Disaster Movie could not even hold a candle to this diarrhea chunk, but Americans are going to see it anyway. They will waste 10 bucks on this and waste a vote on McCain. U-S-A... U-S-A...

Beverly Hills Chihuahua was #1 at the box office this week making $29, 300,456. Let me repeat, Beverly Hills Chihuahua was #1 at the weekend box office. WTF!!! What is this country coming to? How in the hell could this movie make this much money? I know it's probably a kid's movie that tends to make Saturday afternoon money, but let me remind everyone that this is a movie based on a dog from a Taco Bell ad with heavy ties to Paris Hilton. If this is aimed at kids, then the future of America is in trouble. We are in an economic crisis and we are entertaining our kids with a movie about a pampered Beverly Hills dog. I know... it's an act of domestic terrorism.

Anyforchristsake, I didn't see the movie about Chihuahua's this week, but rather choose to see Religulous. While people who think saw Religulous, people who don't think went and saw An American Carrol. Its how the cookie crumbles. Religulous was pretty good. It really asks questions that everyone should ask. They are questions that most people of faith don't ask. The movie basically makes the point that most religions have doctrines that, if detached from religion, would be laughed at and disregarded as crazy by society. Most of what religions teach is factually inaccurate and requires a suspension of rational thought to follow. They are unscientific, nonsensical, and ridiculous statements. If it wasn't spoken under the cover of faith and religion, people would never take it serious. For people like myself and Maher, we would rather not have an answer for why we are here and  what existence is than have the answers that religions give. I would rather continue to question than believe something that goes against everything that I have learned and understood about the world and science. 

The movie does a great job of showing how people of faith are beginning to push their way of thought from religion into secular culture. Their unscientific blind belief in non rational events is now being offered as a way of thinking about things other than god. For example, intelligent design and reformation of homosexuals are theories that people of faith are supporting. Just how rational thought is suspended in religion, people are now doing the same when it comes to secular topics. Facts and science are useless. Man existed side by side with the Dinosaurs and Homosexuals can be change into heterosexuals. All you have to do is believe it enough. These people think that if you believe it enough it will become fact, and that is scary. If you believe Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a good movie, then it is. This country and world is in some major shit....

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