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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't You Dare Fuck With Best Week Ever...

The New York Times is reporting that Best Week Ever will be changing its five year format to compete with The Soup and other pop culture weeklies. The show will now be called Best Week Ever With Paul F. Thompkins. The show will eliminate the "multiple commentators" aspect of the show and continue with a new format centered on a single host. The host will be Paul F. Thompkins. I very much enjoy Thompkins place on the show, but I am deeply troubled with the direction that the show may go. Thompkins is funny, but he lacks the snarky, um, how do I say....mean spirited bite that made BWE my go to show on the weekend. The show was my savior reminding me that there are other people in the world who view pop culture and mainstream entertainment with the same disdain and WTFness that I do (I can only hope that my personal Prozac - Best Week Ever Blog will remain the same and non-molested)

I understand that BWE gets destroyed by The Soup, but come on, going the pussy route of kissing celebrity ass is not going to win any viewers. The Soup is ruthless to anyone who shows their face on TV. Each show has its good points, and they each offer something different. I like them both the way they are.  Asking me to choose between the two is worse than Sophie's Choice. It is like being asked to pick a favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor or deciding what show to leave off of my DVR recording list (damn DVR with its "I can only record two shows at once shit). 

I plead to VH1 DON'T FUCK THIS UP. If you hurt my precious Best Week Ever, I will hunt you down, tie you up, and force you to sit and watch that Denise Richards show. You are already in the Dog House with me after giving Vivica Fox a TV show. It has only gotten worse with the spin offs Real Chance of Love and Daisy of Love. Be careful....your viewers may be pathetic, but we are not that pathetic. If you push us too far, we may be forced to get up off of the couch to find the controller and change the station!!!!

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