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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where's the Beef???

The Vice Presidential debate is over, and hopefully so is the Palin gush machine. After generally making a fool out herself with the "tough as nails interviewer" Katie Couric, all of America was ready for a Nascar esque car crash of a debate. Well that didn't happen. Palin remembered all of her prewritten answers that were nothing more than campaign platitudes and running mantras. "Reign in government spending," "Cut taxes," "Maverick bipartisanship," and "Joe Six pack." Palin didn't get smashed by the Hole in the Wall like most expected, so her supporters are now claiming she is the most brilliant mind ever to make it to the national political scene. They fail to mention that she didn't answer the questions asked, called senator Biden senator "O'Biden," and made numerous mistakes about the number of troops in Iraq and the name of the general in Afghanistan. For the most part both candidates really did a good job, and Palin benefited from not being forced to, you know....name a supreme court case. Gotcha journalism...HA.

What I find so telling about Republicans is that they are now back on the bandwagon saying she is qualified just because she was able to form coherent (barely) complete sentences in response to questions she wasn't even asked. When asked about whether people who defaulted on mortgages should be able to refinance and get a lower principal, she talked about energy and taxes. Awesome. Palin said she will not answer the way Biden or Gwen Ifel want. I guess she forgot that was her only requirement: to follow the rules of the debate. 

The main problem I saw was that there was no substance or specifics to any answers she gave. Biden talked about voting records, numbers, and statistics. He gave locations and specific policy examples about Israel, while Palin just gave vague general answers. If that is doing a good job then I have no idea what a good job is. The fact that the bar was so low for Palin, let her give barely sensible answers to questions and still look good. I feel that Sarah Palin could (don't kill me) be a good leader at some point in the future, but there is no way you can watch this debate and say Palin won or was more qualified than Biden at this time. Biden did an incredible job. He explicitly gave examples of how he and Obama are different that the "Mavericks", and talked about how McCain's views and policy history is not good for the country at this time. Anyone who says Plain won the debate would have said the same if she came out and said " I give up, Alaska, Energy, Taxes, and reign in spending." Wait....umm...

BTW- Fox News just had a poll saying that Palin won the debate according to viewers by 87%. WTF!!!! The economy may be a problem, but the epidemic of stupidity is the real problem that is ruining this country. Also, I love the whole Ifel controversy. No one is talking about the mediator bias now that Palin has established herself as the greatest most brilliant debater ever to stand behind a podium!!!!!

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