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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Does His Best Mr. Wilson Impression...

When the last presidential debate began I really thought McCain was going to give a knock out performance. He started out incredibly well thoughtfully explaining how his policies differed from Obama on a theoretical level and on a practical level. He very effectively made the argument about how Republican philosophy is best for the country.....Then came the dirty campaign question.

Things got bad real quick. You could just see McCain having a stroke right before your eyes. He got angry, accusatory, reactionary and quickly got off message. Instead of telling about what he was going to do to solve the problems of the country, he began acting like a child giving Obama the side eye and whining about Obama's eloquence. I can't wait to see that little line that CNN does during the debate because McCain's positives line is going to drop faster than the stock market when that discussion began. 

McCain reminded me of Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace. I could just picture him saying "get off my lawn Obama!" His face looked like his hemorrhoid was driving him nuts. It was either over emotion or major IBS!!! McCain was using every anger management tactic in the books and still couldn't calm himself down.  Go back and watch McCains face during the debate. It is a gallery of someone doing everything they can to not jump across the table and strangle the person sitting across from them. McCain is done. Fork. Over...

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