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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Things Are Better Left Untouched...

Skank School returned tonight, and basically revealed itself as Rock of Love minus Bret Michaels. I am glad VH1 got the memo and realized that these girls are just trashcans that don't even need a penis to fight over. They are still capable of being the exact opposite of elegant, which is exactly what we want. This brings me to my next point. Why do we want to change these....uh...women. They are perfect the way they are. Saying they need to change is like saying the Mona Lisa needs to some extra shading around her lips. 

The show started off as expected with Dallas throwing an apple at Lacy's head. Then Courtney (the dumb drunk bitch who slept through the first episode of Rock of Love) got drunk, passed out, and booted from the show. At least she is consistant. The show looks like it is going to be your typical Ho off with fighting, spitting, crying, and drunken flooze. Exactly....perfect TV. Sharron Osbourne wears the hasmat suit this time with back up from... Ricky Rachtman (Ha).  

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