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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How Can the Office Still Be So Good, but Heroes has Become so Bad?

The Office had one of its best episodes yet last night. Michael and Holly have consummated their relationship, the Office got robbed as a result, ....and The Boss caught something interesting when he showed up for a charity event (Not Bruce Springsteen. You just have to watch it) Dwight fought the "Battle of Helms Deep" for Angela with the "help" of Phyllis (the best scenes of the night in my opinion). It is amazing to me the Office is able to maintain such a high level of television. It may even be better than when it started. Usually shows fall in the crapper as seasons go on. The show is apologetically itself...like most good shows. Hell, no one even watches 30 Rock even after winning an Emmy, but the show won't change and that's what makes it so good.

Heroes.... On the other hand has completely destroyed itself and what was once a refreshing entertaining piece of television is now a cliched mess. I have to say something on this even though Monday was at the beginning of the week (sorry I am now a real life lawyer...just like William Shatner. The show started with so much promise. It was an uncanny human deliberation on ordinary people with special powers that just happen to be living in society. Unfortunately, it has now become a soap opera with mutant superheroes. The plot lines suck big time, it is not nearly as addicting and engaging as season 1, and there is only one person left on the show who is non-mutant. What happened to the ordinary/ extraordinary dichotomy? If you don't agree, just keep an eye out for next week's preview. If you are not paying attention you could mistake it for a Passions or Days of Our Lives Friday promo. I cry for Heroes. They have completely sold out for viewers. The producers panicked when ratings went down. Viewers have never quite recovered from the writers strike, and from the looks of it, neither have the writers.

It doesn't matter how bad Heroes is as long as I have that sleazy Vampire show to tune into every Sunday night on HBO. Vampires +Anna Paquin Boobs + Alan Ball + Louisiana= Best Show on overpriced cable stations.

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