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Friday, October 17, 2008

Kristen Wigg is Gods Gift to People Who Like to Laugh...

The Thursday night Weekend Update has been pretty unmemorable aside from Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and the occasional week end update joke. That was before Kristen Wigg made her presence more known. This bitch is fucking funny as hell. She is without a doubt the new breakout star of SNL. Soon enough she will have her own comedy show that everyone loves, but no one watches, or her very own romantic comedy flop. 

Yesterday Wigg introduced the world to one of the best impersonations of the 2008 Presidential Election.....The "Crazy McCain Lady," She is crazy...no? The sad part is that there are people all over America who think and say things just like her. The happy part is that they look like a homeless spinsters walking down the street with 10 stray cats, a fanny pack (Yes crazy lady was wearing a fanny pack), and a shopping cart full of rite aid plastic bags. Why is that good? Because it allows Wigg to do the bad ass impersonation below.

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