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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun With Politics... Sort of...

At this point I think that everyone is about defeated when it comes to politics. We have three weeks left before the election, and I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. The 24 hour news stations are seizure inducing and the sound of Sean Hannity's voice makes me feel like I am going through Heroin withdrawal. With that said, I feel like it would do everyone good to have some fun with politics. Hence, I bring you three websites/ videos that can serve as Internet Valium for the relentless media coverage of the political -economic tsunami.

This website lets you explore the nightmare that could come to fruition if Palin would somehow change shells and move into the Oval Office. You can explore the possibilities/ disasters by moving the mouse over different things in the office and clicking on objects. Keep your eye out for the Dinosaur running around outside the window, the science magazine in the garbage, and the "Iranastan" globe. Make sure you don't answer the phone.

This video was actually shot with real dancers doing their best impression of how the politicians would dance. MiniMovie later added the heads of each national leader. My favorite is without a doubt Bush (ROTFL), although the face of Al Gore is also worth some Lulz.

Anyone familiar with La Pequena knows that no introduction is necessary. If you are not familiar, get educated!!! This is La Paquena's best work to date destroying La Pequena Hillary Clinton and La Pequena Amy Whinehouse. Please, Please, Please watch up to the 55 second mark. You will be rewarded with a gift only the Internet could give!!!

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