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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Any Bad Madonna News is Good Madonna News!!!

All that shit we heard over the summer about Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorcing, and Madonna having an affair with A-Rod was......wait for it....wait for it....TRUE!!!! Yeah!!! Madonna's rep has confirmed that Madge is releasing her scary muscle grip of Guy Ritchie's nuts and the two are legally separating and divorcing. Does this mean that Guy Ritchie can go back to making good movies? 

Apparently, crazy -muscle- hulk- he- lady- arrogant-no-talent- botox- dragon wanted to complete her world tour before making the split official. Heaven forbid your family get in the way of stealing 400 dollars from your brain washed fans. I hate her... To bad Kaballah doesn't teach you how to succeed in a relationship and stop being so self worshiping. 

There are reports that Madonna has definitely been romantically involved with A-Rod and that the marriage has been over for at least a year. Guy Ritchie is packing his shit up and moving out of the home they share. He has told his parents and things are quickly moving along. This is such good news after the bad news I got about BWE. This has officially made my day. The only thing that could make this better is if we find out Madonna's tour has been a complete failure, and her new crappy movie goes straight to DVD (which it looks like may be happening). I only wish the Brits run her out of town, throwing rotten tomatoes and wilted cabbage at her private jet. Better yet, they should burn a pile of her children's book The English Rooooooses, and make the horse who knocked her on her ass and broke her arm a national hero. That feels better....Damn you VH1. 

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