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Friday, October 24, 2008

Beware of the Obama Slasher Pittsburgh!!!! The East End Rapist Has Nothing on This Animal!!!

UPDATE: To the shock, awe, suprise, and relief of everyone, stupid bitch Ashley Todd has admitted to making up the whole story in an attempt to play on the racist sentiment of Western PA. Nothing like a good old Rovian political trick. May Ashley Todd forever be spoken in the same sentence, and with equal humliation, as Jeff Haybay!!!!

If you having been living in a cave you have no idea what I am talking about... or you don't live in Pittsburgh. Either way you have to hear about this crazy story involving the "wrong side of Pittsburgh,"a black man, a lonely McCain supporter/ campaigner/ College Republican, and the letter B (backwards...yes B not O).

Let me introduce you to stupid bitch Ashley Todd. Stupid Ashley claims that she was robbed and sexually assaulted for $60 at an ATM machine in Bloomfield on Liberty Avenue. Here's the best part. She claims it was a Black Man, and guess what? He became enraged when he saw her McCain bumper sticker or pin (she doesn't really remember which one). And guess what again? He carved the letter "B" into her right cheek after assaulting her (he must have been doing it in a mirror because it is backwards...and her face looks like a 5 year old playing with their moms makeup for the first time). Stupid Ashley was so upset she refused medical treatment after reporting it to the police. In said report, Ashley explained that she was trying to avoid bank fees by looking for a Bank of America ATM, and somehow "ended up on the wrong side of town." Blooomfield....wrong side of town... yeah I know, she is such a stupid bitch.

One last guess what. Ashley was also bloggin on Twitter directly before and directly after the incident, and she is a College Republican. Yes, the same College Republicans who in 2006 claimed Justin Zatkoff had been beaten up by a black/homosexual militant in Michigan. Battle ground play for racist voters similarity? Or just a coincidence?

Let me leave you with one final "guess what" to ponder. Police now want to give Stupid Ashley a polygraph test because none of this is adding up. Ashley has responded by saying she fell in and out of consciousness during the assault. Well call me Jeff Habay, and send myself Anthrax!!!!! I think she may be telling the truth. Guess What? yeah right.

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