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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MY BEST OF 2008 List!!!

Its that time of the year again...the end. 2008 is coming to an end. I have graduated from law school been admitted as a lawyer in Pennsylvania and have come leaps forward in becoming a married man. Yes 2008 has majorly changed me. I have gone from having little to no responsibility to having serious stress fueled responsibility. Sucks... So here is my list of things I thought of in the last ten minutes as the best of 2008, so this really has no thought put into it and could change at any moment. Basically it is the best most important list you should read.

BEST BLOG: The Secret Art of Snark. Come on, would it be anything else? NO! Honorable mentions are Dlisted, FAIL, and Best Week Ever.

BEST ALBUM: M83 Saturdays=Flowers. Any music that invoke such an emotional response when the music is not telling you what to feel, is something incredible. This album reminds me of Donnie Darko for some reason. Don't ask. Just buy it. Honorable mention - Cut Copy

MOST OVER RATED ALBUM: Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes. I just don't see what the fuss is about. The melodies are good, but I don't see this being any better than the rest of the folky beach boys inspired 60's atmospheric music that has been having a major resurgence in indie rock lately. Sorry...

BIGGEST SPLASH IN POP CULTURE: This award goes to someone, something, or basically any noun that has become huge in pop culture making its mark in a way that we will never forget. Its something that made great strides in popular culture establishing itself as a person place or thing to be reckoned with. For 2008 it is TRANNIES!!! Trannies have been everywhere. There presence was felt so strongly in 2008 that even women are picking up on their look and trends mimicking their hotness. Aubrey Odey, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks are leading the movement. We saw trannies all over reality TV and even saw one become the mayor of a town. It looks like 2009 will be another great year for then with the Real World jumping on the band wagon after Puffy's show and Top Model. To Trannies!!!

BEST REALTY TV MOMENT: This is without a doubt the hardest award to give and there were so many it is really impossible to come up with the best as in entertainment value. I am going with my personal favorite. Unfortunately there is no video on the net, so try to think of this genius moment. It was when Vicki from the Real Housewives of Orange County was smashed in the face with a football on a boat at Lake Havasu. just picture her doing her stupid screaming thing when a foot ball comes flying onto the screen an nails her in the face.... awesome...

MOST INSANE ENTERTAINING CRIMINAL: There was OJ Simpson, The Santa Flame Thrower murderer, and money flushing down the toileter Bernard Madoff. I am going with Casey Anthony on this one because the sheer idiocy of this lying dumb bitch just continues on and on. After coming up with lie after lie when confronted with why she didn't report her daughter missing after a month, we come to find out stupid Casey searched the Internet for the 100th episode of One Tree Hill. Why you ask? Well because the 100th episode of that show was about a baby being kidnapped by her nanny (no not Zanni the Nanny...I know) and being held in an apartment somewhere. The fact that Casey Anthony tried to come up with an Alibi by using a plot line from one of the most ridiculous unrealistic teen dramas gives us a glimpse of how insane she is. I would not be surprised if she tries some Days of Our Lives shit and blames all of this on Steffano Demira or argues Little Callie is coming back from the dead and it was her unknown twin that died.

BEST SHOW OF 2008: TRUE BLOOD. I struggled over this. I liked Summer Heights High and Damages, 30 Rock , and Gossip Girl ( don't judge), but True Blood was the most refreshing change of pace and has that incredible normal closest thing to real life feel that Alan Ball does so well all while being deeply rooted in fantasy. It also does a great job of translating pretty crappy books into great television.

BEST FAIL OF 2008: SARAH PALIN. need I say more?

BEST WIN OF 2008: Barak Obama. Same

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