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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And We're Off...

The old wise sage of reality TV returned tonight and it brought with it its usual type cast. I don't need to rehash the usual suspects that we have all come to be so familiar with after growing up MTV. There is a tranny/ 2008 SAS biggest pop culture splash in the cast, which makes it extra "real". Also, there are now !!!!8!!!! strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped instead of 7....look out!!!

This season the mess takes place in Brooklyn New York. I will leave the dismissive comments to other blogs like Gawker that will no doubt tear to shreds the fact that people are moving to New York for the first time and are somehow less deserving to live there than recently transplanted bloggers. It always bothers me that New Yorkers, no matter how long they have lived there, feel they are more deserving to live in the city and know more about the city than everyone else who makes the move. It is just something that happens to people who move to NYC. They could live there for one month, and get into arguments about where the best Pizza is or how bad Time Square sucks. 

I am sure Gawker will make fun of the cast's excitement to see the Statue of Liberty for the first time, and the awesomeness that everyone, including Gawker writers, feel the minute they set foot in the one of a kind city. The show is about people sharing different life experiences for the first time and doing it in New York will surely bring the ire and disdain of the cynical.

Anystuckup....Now for the truth. The cast is somewhat more interesting and provocative than past seasons. They seem to have set up the season for a monster culture clash by having three GBT individuals pitted against a Mormon, southern beauty queen, and small town war vet with two more random individuals to take sides....in Brooklyn. 

Now, most importantly, the Morman SUCKS!!!! He is just horrible and intolerable. The Iraqi vet is a loose cannon, who can't hold his liquor,  from a small town that seems to be open minded and not at all affected by war, but actually is borderline and negatively provoked by the Mormon. (one sentence!) The douche bag club beast actually seems OK and is just concerned with getting attention from anyone who will give it to him. The ying to his yang the beauty queen is the exact same but black and female. The gay guy is, so far, the gay guy on route to being the gay guy from every other season. Boring and not around much. The hip hop dancer looks to be the needy girl and the artistic girl is well... this isn't going well. Do I really need to explain. It looks to be a well...the Real World. We will watch it, forget about it, then watch it when it returns. Its no Bad Girls Club, Mama's Boy, or Rock of Skank, but it is what it is and we will watch it, marathon or Wednesday night. 

After all this time it has become as ingrained in our TV schedule as 60 Minutes or football has on Sundays. There really is not much more to say. I have tried to come up with something in this post, but at this point we know what to expect. There are no more original observations to make. I guess I am just as cynical as all those bloggers after all.

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