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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"This is America Happening"

The best possible quote I have heard to date describing the election and inaguration of the first black president and hope- filling public figure. This was spoken by Evadey Minott, one of an estimated 2 million people who watched the parade and festivities in Washington. I think the quote captures how Obama has made the American people reconnect to what we are about as a country and how he has made us conscious of where we are today based on where we were in the past.

(The picture above is a little different than Bush's swearing in huh?)

Obama has redefined what and who we are as a nation whewn we desperately needed it. It seemed we were a confused, depressed, lifeless people drifting along and Obama came along united us and refocused the American spirit in a direction it needs and has always wanted to go. Lets hope that the he is up to the challenge and the expectations and rhetoric were not to high and dramatic.

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