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Thursday, January 15, 2009

So You Think You Are America's Best Dance Crew!!!!???

I am sure there is some version of this post out there on Salon or Slate written by some graduate student making my point much more coherently, but I will attempt it anyway.

We are really seeing the recessionomics hitting TV in major ways. Besides no advertising for new shows and little to no new dramas with real actors, as I already mentioned, MTV is recycling where it is filming its reality shows, letting VH1 borrow the Real World house for its recycled Teen Idols and putting Daddy's Girls in LC's old haunt. 

Now, reality shows are even recycling the same shows with the same reality Tv stars. MTV's hit America's Best Dance Crew came back tonight, and with it came So You Think You Can Dance's summer cast. Yes, I counted at least 4 SYTYCD "stars" scattered through out the crews tonight (Hok, the dude who crushed on Kat, the Clogger, the dude who lands on his head in the opening credits). If I hadn't seen America's Best Dance crew featured on SYTYCD's finale over the summer I would just think it was a coincidence, but I did. It seems to me that maybe MTV has a manipulative hand a la the "Hills" in this seasons show. These "crews" may not be as amateur as MTV leads us on to believe.

Times are tough for everyone including Viacom and MTV. If that means recycling sets or cutting back on casting expenses then so be it. When you start to see reality TV characters on shows the same way you would see an actor on a Prime Time Drama you know every penny is being counted. 

So what does this mean? I didn't go to grad school ( well yes, but law school doesn't count) so nothing. ABDC rocked!!!!! Who cares they are all professional dancers who were on other shows. They can fucking bring it hardcore. This is the best season yet with a wide variety of crews each establishing itself as a niche character not unlike the Real World and its 7 (now 8) strangers. We have gimmicks like clogging and stepping, female breakers, the cheerleaders, and new and different "Brooklyn contortion". This gon be fun.... I am all about the Cloggers. Can't wait for them to kick the steppers asses in the 30 second dance off. 

And as always, Little Mama made no sense to anyone but Paula Abdul and JC Chasez should be permanently replaced by the Jabawokie dude. I'm out......

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