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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Finally Got Around to Writing a Benjamin Button Bash...

I don't think I have mentioned it on here, but Benjamin Button is like the worst movie of the year. I don't understand how any critic sat through it, let alone enjoyed it. It didn't really make any sense, the concept wore thin 45 minutes into the nearly 3 hour movie, and there was little to no meaningful character development to attach you to the story.

The whole time I just kept thinking that the movie was a less tolerable Forrest Gump ( which is saying alot). Take Forrest Gump remove all of the familiar pop culture references and lovable bafoonery, then add a Nautica/ Ralph Lauren aesthetic to the cinematography and you have Benjiman Button. Don't worry about the whole growing old to young thing, because you forget about it and get used to Button's weird appearence completely failing to relate it to how it is affecting who he is (the greatest failure of the movie).

Anywasteoftimeterriblemovie, I was proven right in my astute observations because I guess both movies were written by Eric Roth, and are set up the same way (see video above). Well what do you know. I just can't seem to understand how people are allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes with the constipated mess. Could it be that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie live just wonderful Hollywood envied lives that there is no way that one of them could be part of such shit? They adopt kids from all over the world and live in France, so whatever they do must be sophisticated and awesome right? NO! This movie sucks and has nothing on Forrest Gump (which, it is important to note, is a cliched Hollywood sentimental fuck fest mess). So just watch the movie above instead of wasting money and time on this epic dump.

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