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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Best of 2008

I have talked about music (Bloc Party/ TVOTR) and videos (MIA BURAKA SOM SISTEMA) not I am adding TV to the mix. I am nominating/ deciding that Sunday night TV more specifically True Blood and Summer Heights High are the best TV of 2008.

I know that True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books and Summer Heights High was already on in Australia, but 2008 is when Americans audiences was treated to ground breaking entertainment. The two shows are completely different, but both highly addictive and entertaining. I thank Summer Heights High for introducing me to the term Ranga ( Orangutan slang for a Ginger) and Ranga Homo as a more pointed insult. I thank True Blood for introducing me to Anna Paquins boobs and Deep South Vampires. BTW I read all the books and this show is capable of going in crazy directions the next season ( werewolfs, werepanthers, orgies, and anti-vampire terrorists... and just wait till you see what hurricane Katrina does to vampire politics). 

So lets all toast to Miss Annabel Dixon and Miss Sookie Stackhouse for making the tail end of 2008 a little less mind numbing!!!

And to hold you over till next season here is a scene from the pilot of True blood with a character that was taken out when it aired on MTV. SPOILER!!!!!!!!! That women in the blue dress is Sookies Fairy Godmother.

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