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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Trailer is out...

Michael Chabon's book about being a teenager, growing up, and all that stuff has been made into a movie. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh is finished and we have been given a sneak peak. If you are asking why you should care about that gay shit or saying who gives a fuck, then get the hell out of here and go to TMZ or Perez!! WAIT WAIT! I was only joking. I desperately need your traffic. This is the movie Sienna Miller called Pittsburgh "shitsburg". Remember that PR mess? It started in Rollingstone magazine and ended with her on WPXI with the mayor! HAHAH! Not the best way to get the city on your side. The city was giving free IC LIght if you called her a bitch, and Folino's purposely refused to let her into their bar? Even WDVE got in on the action with listener comments. See there is a gossip angle to this post. If you don't remember then this may jog your memory. "Jude Law wouldn't have cheated on a Yinzer!" (Ed Note: I am paraphrasing this beautiful comment I heard in Lawrenceville).

Regardless, the trailer is here, and this funny first novel from Chabon is worth getting excited for, even if that excitement is for recognizing the places in Pittsburgh where the movie was shot. You see Pittsburgh needs national attention from the Arts. Six Superbowl rings will get us press, but it won't sustain our economy or let us compete with other cities. Having movies filmed here, including one called the Mysteries of Pittsburgh, with celebrity buzz and gossip may actually do more for the city than any Superbowl victory. Whoops, I may have gone too far. Let me just leave it at its nice to see Pittsburgh get some more national attention in 2009. (Lets also hope Mysteries of Pittsburgh comes out before Rumer Willis turkey Sorority Row. That epic FAIL could actually contaminate the city)

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