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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Roman's Sister is Napolean Dynamite's GRANDMA!!!!

Big Love has majorly brought its A game this season. The show has always been relatively entertaining successfully full filling its position as the filler in between HBO's bigger more critically applauded "ground breaking" series, but this season it has broke out of its "intermission" role and established itself as one of the best shows on all of TV. The layered brooding atmosphere only pushes forward the compelling world of intrigue, murder, lies, betrayal, and collusion. All of this goes on in the seaming normal lives of polygamists. This uncanny life is shown in a way that is, at times, completely relatable while also leaving a spooky feeling throughout each episode (something HBO has perfected in all of their original programming).

Just when I thought the show couldn't get any better I was rewarded with last nights episode. Aside from a pounding forward of the plot, there was one of the greatest scenes in a Tv show that I have seen this season. We have cone to find out, by the grace of god no doubt, that Roman's (the prophet of the retarded insane Polygamist compound at the center of all the intrigue on the show) sister is none other than Napolean Dynamites Grandma. Yes the women who will forever been known as coining the phrase "well make yourself a dang Quesadi-l-l-a then Napolean." Selma Green (Roman's sister) has made a surrealist appearance before on Big Love with the rest of the Green clan, but tonight's episode was the first time we were told she was a women... and Roman's sister.  Sandy Martin deserves an Emmy for her appearance in this episode. While officiating a forced marriage between Bill's brother's intended wife and Roman's brother in law, Grandma gets thrown on the ground, stabbed with a pitchfork, and then attacked by a hungry pig who wants to eat her bloody wound. I could not ask for anything more from TV. If this hasn't convinced you that you must watch this show I don't know what else you need. 

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