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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Real Worst People of Orange County

The reunion show was on last night for the Real Skank Ho Shallow Whore Cunts of Orange County. Its pretty bad that Tamra basically calls Gretchen out and reveals to the world that Gretchen had a boyfriend that helped her run a con on a rich old man dying of cancer (something right out of sleazy movie), and I still think that she is the worst of the bunch and a completely horrible person. I believe everything that Tamra said, but while she was saying it she grew uglier and uglier to me. Her vileness and complete spite manifests itself with Tamra's spewing of hate, jealousy, and negativity. Tamra defines the word cunt and gives women a horrible name. She is everything that is wrong with the world. To be so mean with Vicky and then turn around and accuse others of hurting their feelings made me change the channel. Yes, change the channel. After seeing footage of Vicky and Tamra say "lets get Gretchen naked and drunk, " then deny that there was a premeditated plan made me think there is no reason to watch this garbage and give these people a reason to continue in their horrible life.

The level of hatred and mean spiritless goes beyond ghetto crime and Islamic terrorism. I truly believe that these "women" of Orange County are worse for the world than any crime or dictatorship. I hate you women. You are fake, plastic, worthless, terrible human beings that are more disgusting than the stuff that ends up underneath the seat of my toilet after diarrhea. Lynn your OK, Gretchen even know you are a tramp who dated a man for his money while in a relationship, your are sort of OK, and Jeanna, even know you would let your kids and husband run over you in a bus, you are OK. Vicky (Getting hit in the head with the football is all you deserve forever in life) and Tamara you are going to hell, and the worst part is you don't even know it. You think your life and person is no worse than anyone else, and even more shocking you think its better. Fuck you, I hope you rot from some horrible disease and get whats coming to you. There, I feel so much better. This is what happens when I am forced to watch this garbage. These women can dress in expensive clothes and jewelry, but they are no where near as classy or elegant as DJ Lady Tribe or filthiest piece of skank cum bucket on the F list VH1 shows.


Lesa said...

Thanks for writing this. I don't care if Tamra got a call in the middle of the night from a loser, disgruntled, ex-boyfriend, it was not her place to say anything about Gretchen at all...PERIOD!

This gutter troll talks about moral character? What mother dumps her son in an instant to chase a wallet, when that scummy wallet asks her to? What mother gets so wasted in front of her 3 minor children under 8 that she blacks out and can't remember and throws up for 2 days straight (Tamra said this herself).

What person with "moral character" uses the word "HOMO" and then says she was trying to say "stupid" instead?

Tamra is a worthless whore and a PROVEN golddigger who would abandon her children for the almight dollar. And in her mind, that makes her morally superior? Please!!!

jwormyk said...

I am so glad to get similar feedback. I forgot about the Homo comment. When she said the Moral character comment, I about lost it. This women is a worthless whore who has nothing in her to even recognize the word moral character.

Jana said...

Tamra (or Tammy as I am sure she was called for her first 40 years) is straight up trailer park trash who married someone with money...from the bleached blond hair to the enormous fake boobs, she just screams tacky. Keep in mind, neither Tammy or Vicki has a college degree, which is why they try to keep shoving down everyone's throats how great they are. They both came from trash and are desperate to climb out of it, unfortunately, they only bring everyone's attention to their lack of intelligence and class.

Anonymous said...

What started out as a television novelty has turned into something totally pathetic and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Andy Cohen's arrogance and thoughts that THIS is what type of TV we want to see, is making me ill.

This show demeans women, the fact that we even have to view and discuss this brings us DOWN as a gender.

This show had every chance at being something entertaining and fun.. It's sad and disgusting that editing and certain questions have allowed it to become the piece of TRASH it's become.