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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So this blog is suppose to be a pop culture Pittsburgh blog with an attempt at sarcasm and disdain, but I think that I may change the theme to a anti-Chet blog. I think I have so much resentment and anger toward this Mormon member of the Real World Brooklyn cast that I could devote post after post and hours of content toward tearing to shreds this hypocritical, evil, vile waste of human life. 

Chet's judgmental -conceited- arrogant- ignorant -egotistical attitude could provide an outlet and the means of a channel for the collective anxiety that this country feels right now. I know that it is for me. After judging and commanding each and every cast member to live their life and make personal decisions "his" way, Chet makes me hate him even more with his stupid hipster sense of style and his desire to be a host of TRL (which is canceled btw. What does this say?). I can't even look at his barely there eyebrows and stupid glasses without getting a fire in the pit of my stomach. Tonight's episode just reinforced everything I said, and as proof I offer you one thing..... Chets hat with these four letters written in capital purple letters: C-H-E-T.  You stupid stupid person. You suck on levels unimaginable. Please everyone read Under the Banner of Heaven. Then apply what you have read to Chet. Then watch his behavior on the Real World. Then think of the way he instigates crazy Ryan. Then think of that god awful hat. I. Rest. My. Case.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a hateful person. I'm guessing you're not christian.

jwormyk said...

That is the best. Comment ever. I think hateful is exactly what I was going for.

Anonymous said...

hmm... to write that much about someone you supposedly 'hate' is pretty pathetic.

try being less hateful and certainly less pathetic.

jwormyk said...

Im sorry, I didn't know blogs were about unyeilding support and admiration for reality TV and struggling MTV "VJ's". This blog is all about being pathetic and hateful, so you are looking for something else, you are far better person than me.