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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love the Internet....

Only on the Internet will you find a site devoted to food that is ridiculously unhealthy. Leave it to college level stoners to come up with the most gluttonous grease driven masterpieces of This is Why You are Fat.com. When people say pot is bad I urge them to check out the website. Sure pot is bad if you are going to eat a pizza with corndogs on it or a deep fried mars bar, for the most part pot is responsible for some of the best entertainment and senses of humor I have ever come in contact with. t is sometimes difficult to explain what smoking pot is like to someone who has not experience, but this website pretty much perfectly summarizes pot on every level. It covers the buffoonery, the munchies, and the mind expanding. This is why you are fat is such an incredible website because not only does it crack you up, but it also just generally makes you happy. Go check out the website, then push yourself creatively to come up with something worthy of being featured on the website. And believe me, the website is not just for stoners, the sad part is that I would probably each anything on that website stoned or not. 

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