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Thursday, March 5, 2009

R.I.P Tatiana DelToro

Today is a sad sad day in reality TV. We lost one of the most entertaining train wrecks that have ever graced life television. American Idol is dead to me. They killed themselves when they offed the craziest most awesome psychopaths that has ever showed up in front of a camera: Tatiana Del Toro. Yes, the geniuses at Idol decided against the less stable young version of Celine Dione for a bunch of boring steamed Broccoli. Fuck You Idol. The only reason you did this was because you knew Vote For the Worst would have turned Tatiana into the next most famous nobody. Really I am sure I will get over this, but it is at least fun to be full of indignation right now. I really don't like the tattoo girl. she is trying to do Whino down to her Heroin Shimmy shakes, and it is a FAIL. I guess Anoop is OK, but he would be better with an accent and overly dramatic... and borderline. Sigh. Another season of Idol, another couple months of devoting energy to people I will never remember in sixth months. 

P.S.- I like how Simon used Taylor Hicks as  a way of saying someone did bad. He did win the show didn't he?

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