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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Barden Backs Out as Majority Owner of North Shore Casino..

Anyone who has been remotely following the mess that is Pittsburgh's casino would have seen this coming a mile away. Don Barden has given up majority control of the Majestic Star North Shore Casino. After continual finance problems, Barden has decided to reorganize ownership. I think that Barden is basically saying, "fuck this shit. I'm out!" Under a proposal presented before the state Gaming Control Board in Harrisburg today, Barden would become part of the management of new team called High Pitt Gambling. Barden created this new partnership with Greg Carlin, Real-estate magnate Neil Bluhm and his brother Andrew Bluhm. Carlin would be the new CEO under the plarn. While PITG Gaming would be the principle licensee and indirect owner of holdings, Barden's attorney told KDKA's Jon Delano that Barden will no longer be the majority owner of the new company. Does this mean that construction can continue? Who knows. At this point I don't think anyone is sure what will happen. I'm beginning to think that the license was given to the worst canidate rather than the best. They got confused somehow (Its not hard around here), and awarded the casino to the person who was actually least qualified. Barden couldn't get financing, can't pay the workers, and now is not even the owner. Call me cynical, but shouldn't there have been some notice that hard times were ahead? Business difficulties like this just don't fall out of the sky. If Harrahs would have gotten the Station Square license we would have been playing Little Green Men by now.

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