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Monday, July 21, 2008

Holy Shit!!! Watchmen Trailer!!!

I Saw Batman last night. There were some really awesome parts, some really bad parts, the plot had some loose ends and plot points that didn't go anywhere, and it was a bit too long. Heath Ledger was great. If you took him out of the movie, I dare you to give this movie a good review. Oscar material? maybe a nomination, but certainly not a winner. You give this role to any good actor they would have hit a home run too. It was like hitting the ball of a tee. With that said, I was nearly brought to orgasm (yes I am a nerd at heart) seeing that the trailer to the Watchmen was before the Batman movie. The Watchmen is my favorite graphic novel/ comic book of all time. It is incredibly deep, nuanced, brooding and well written. If you are a fan of Heroes then you will love the Watchmen. The trailer is soo bad ass that it nearly ruined Batman because it was more entertaining than the whole movie. It says that it comes out in 2009. That gives anyone who is not familiar with the comic to read it and become strangely obsessed with it. 

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