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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Madonna Really Wants to Sell Tickets For Her Upcoming Tour...

This whole A-rod Madonna thing barely registers on my radar, but I can't help be somewhat cynical about the way the whole thing has unraveled. If you remember this all started with rumors that Madonna and her husband were divorcing. Guy Richie's mother even commented on it. We heard that Madonna was coming to America to save her marriage. How we knew weeks in advance the exact day that Madonna would arrive was my first clue that there was manipulation afoot. Next, Madonna shows up at Yankees games and is seen around town with a high profile baseball player in the midst of a continuing marital scandal. hmmmm. Not the best way to "save" your marriage. Next we find out that A-rod's wife is  in paris with Lenny Kravitz spending all of A-Rod's money. Finally the missing puzzle piece is discovered: A-rod, Madonna, and Lenny Kravitz all have the same manager. NO, I do not think Madonna is above concocting a huge media scandal to get her irrelevant name out there to promote and increase ticket sales for her upcoming album tour. She has realized that people are not going to talk about her music, so if people are talking about her personal life that is second best. Page Six is reporting that Kravitz fired his manager (Guy Oseary) when he found out (through Cynthia Rodriguz's trainer) that Guy was going to leak and push the Madonna - A-Rod rumors to the press. Kravitz was disgusted that his manager would stoop to such a level to get press. In response to the firing, Kravitz thinks that Guy planted the stories about Cynthia and Kravitz in Paris running up A-Rod's credit card. I am not even remotely shocked by this. The fact that the press had Madonna's itinerary for the last month shows that someone is Madonna's inner circle has been feeding the press everything about her personal life. All of a sudden Madonna gets right in the middle of a high profile divorce? This was all planned and I hope it backfires on Madonna in her tour, and on A-Rod in his divorce trial. What a bunch of losers. Madonna really needs to go away. Just go somewhere where we never here about you, from you, and of you. Leave your music to be sung by better younger artists. I am surprised that through all that Kaballalalalllalala she has not realized how self involved she is, and how much her ego runs her life and bothers ours. She can pretend that she is a cutting edge relevant artist, but she is now nothing better than a page six story about some aging star that used to be famous and who is now sleezing around the upper west side. She should be in a Liz Smith column instead of a Richard Johnson item. They are both about the same age.

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